#634991, By sheepfish Fantasy books are bollocks

  • sheepfish 19 Feb 2005 11:40:14 1,168 posts
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    I'd agree with that. For some reason, a book or film cannot be fantasy (or sci-fi) and be great.

    I'm talking in general terms, there are lots of examples of science fiction and fantasy that I personally would deem to be great works. Why then does the public at large, encouraged to a large extent by the intellectual establishment, regard Brave New World for example as a great book, rather than a great sci-fi book?

    I think it has to do with what this thread is about. For example, a TV program has the stigma of existing in the medium of the idiot box. Even if it a wonderful peice of work, people will still associate as belonging to a medium that is generally devoid of wit and substance.

    Same for fantasy and sci-fi books. There is so much shit, that so many people read, and more importantly, are so obsessive about, that it degrades the genre as a whole.
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