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    Yeah, it's definitely satisfying hitting 3-4 hunters at once with a well aimed rock or charge :D

    Only downside for me so far is I'm hitting so many keys so quickly I feel like I'm getting RSI D:

    You gonna join us on PC Evolve mate or are you gonna stick to Xbox One?

    AcidSnake wrote:
    I'll try to organise an EG game as soon as I get it installed...

    If anyone's interested give a shout here along with which night would work best, rough times you're on, experience with the game and if you can use a mic...

    I'm usually on quite late but I'm free most nights (although my second born is due any day now and will mess up the schedule for sure) and would prefer communication as I'd be an absolute noob...

    I'm interested, any time is okay before midnight (possibly not tonight though, annoyingly). Steam name is Seigfreid (the one with the Hotel Dusk avatar. I'll have to go hunting for my microphone cable though, not sure where I put it.

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