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    DFawkes wrote:
    I'm 90% sure my PC will go "LOL You wish" and either not run it, or run so poorly it wouldn't be worth me dragging down a team, but you never know. I know they did put in some optimisations that let lower spec users drop the detail a bit so perhaps it will work, but my gut feeling says I'm stuck on Xbox One for now.

    I'm glad people are giving it a go though. It deserved more love than it got, but it definitely had its issues long term like certain strategies being too effective. Hopefully these changes will be seen as positive in the long term and help it keep a decent player base :)

    And I agree, I hope the gaming industry moves away from staggered, slow and excessive dlc releases after Battlefront and Evolve both suffered so badly for it. Microtransactions don't seem to be going anywhere though, unfortunately, Overwatch proves that.
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