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    AcidSnake wrote:
    Dread being picked as the monster as I had a rough time just finishing its tutorial...

    Tips for monster play:

    At the start of the round, bring up the mini-map and head to the most spread out area of the level. From there pick a route, start using the flamethrower ability on any wildlife you come across and hold E to eat it (you can just hold it down the whole time if two carcasses are next to each other). Flamethrower is best because it recharges quickly and you can use it while moving. When they use the planetary scanner on you for the first time, crawl with CTRL and then either do a 180 to change direction (as long as you won't be cornering yourself or heading back towards the hunters drop point) or crawl and then climb a ledge and jump far away into another direction. You should be jumping whenever possible, especially from cliffs and running down-hill as it gives you more distance. Constantly right click to use your smell ability, every few seconds both to find monsters (the bigger the better) to eat and to see if the hunters are catching up.

    Get good at moving across terrain as quick as possible. If you see any ledges or climbable cliffs in front of you, jump towards them and hold the climb button instead of walking forwards (climbing is actually quicker than walking). The other advantage to this is you can get a lot more distance on your jumps when you jump from the top of a cliff compared to the ground. Just be careful not to be spotted if the hunters are still looking for you. Also the charge ability is extremely useful for many non-combat reasons: it helps you move foward much faster and it can shake off abilities the hunters have used on you (such as slowing grenades and harpoons). You should use it when running away from the hunters as well to quickly escape (plus it recharges much quickly when you are being shot).

    When you're caught and domed, go for the medic as much as possible unless their support player is really good in which case try to kill them first. Charge ability is great for hitting multiple hunters at once but it's also amazing for seperating one of them from the rest of the group, leaving you an easy chance to beat them to a pulp away from the rest of the group for a few seconds. If your armour is broken during the fighting try to hide behind a cliff face to give it a few seconds to recharge and flamethrower or rock throw the hunters as they come around the corner. Try to save a charge attack for when the dome disappears as it's great for helping you escape. As soon as dome wears off, charge, then jump+climb the nearest cliff, then jump off again and try to create some distance by picking an unpredictable route while out of sight. You should be trying to reach a minimum of level 2 before you try to kill the hunters, preferably level 3 so avoid them as much as possible until that happens. Don't evolve when the hunters are close make sure you're at a safe distance. And careful of those damn birds, sneak by any if you see them or take a different route. When escaping after being domed, use the landscape as much as possible to stop yourself being shot whilst escaping, run around corners or jump over cliffs so they don't have a clear shot.

    My monster win rate shot up as I learned these things, playing online matches helps a lot more than the tutorial. Good luck!
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