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    Rant incoming...

    Had a match as a hunter (assault) earlier and while were were doing well and had almost won, I started getting some abuse from a couple of teammates for being 'useless'. One of them on mic said "for fuck sake assault, do something". I was trying to but the monster was jumping or charging away from me whenever I got close to it and then positioned itself behind cliffs at a distance so I didn't have a shot on it (pretty smart strategy imo). I was using all my jet pack fuel to close the distance and I soon as I did it would run away again. We were still one health bar block within winning but the dome went down, and it escaped and armoured up. When we caught up to it, it killed us and I was blamed which I said was bullshit. One thing I did agree with them on was I should have thrown more gas grenades (I was too distracted chasing it, I threw a couple but not consistently) but to blame me for the whole loss was making me a scapegoat for no valid reason.

    Next game I get thrown in with the same two shit-talkers again, as medic and they start saying how we're guaranteed a loss now because of that. I just laughed and threatened not to cure them if they felt like that. During the game I did a great job healing and buffing, we won the match with only one player being downed the entirety of the game (me, in the last 10 seconds) so I said "that better?", they said "no, you're still shit" or something to that effect. I said "haha, you'll never be happy", they replied "you'll never be good".

    Next lobby, again, I was put with these clowns. I was fed up of fighting for them after recieving the undeserved abuse so I felt it was time to get some revenge. I switched my #1 preference to monster and picked Meteor Goliath. The match started off well, I was very close to evolving before they domed me, I held them off while keeping my health mostly untouched. I managed to down one of the hunters, then the dome went down. I ran off, ate a couple more animals and evolved to stage 2 before they caught up to me and domed me again. Turned out to be bad for them as I started wrecking them, killing the medic first (one of the guys from earlier, huzzah!) after hounding them relentlessly then smashing anyone else that tried to revive them. They scattered and I managed to pick them off one-by-one after that, whilst stopping them reviving. And the match was won! My hands were shaking a bit with adrenaline but I managed to type "LOL", "Guess it wasn't me who sucked after all" and "gg" before they exited the lobby. A bit childish possibly, but fair I think. The way they were talking they were gods of the game and I was holding them back, felt very good to show them they were not quite as good as they thought.

    Love this game!

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