#634366, By Harpe Friday Competition Winners Announced!

  • Harpe 18 Feb 2005 15:33:25 84 posts
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    Brilliant - the usual round of off-the-wall and down right explicit answers.

    Some entries I can't award due to the political ramifications, but thanks for the laugh!

    Yes, the headline was 'HOW CAN FUTURE'S MONOPOLY BE GOOD FOR THE INDUSTRY?' written very nicely by the good lad Kristan Reed. A deeply worrying development indeed.

    Will the following winners please send their postal addresses to this e-mail 'seldom[at]btinternet[dottage]com' and I'll get the prizes off to you on monday:

    lost_soul for the almost totally correct:
    "future buyout"

    pjmaybe for:
    "gamers writing games reviews"
    which would have been very worrying to read if it hadn't have been Kristan writing it.

    and Nemisis for:
    "Dennis Waterman"
    because I really don't think anyone saw that coming...

    nice one guys - thanks for entering and, ahem, don't forget to buy Alien Hominid when it comes out.

    /removes shame retardent suit.
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