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    CaptainKerbal wrote:
    Best thing they can do is a straight up normal console. No gimmicks, no stupid ideas, a powerful console, two controllers, Mario in the box. Introduce new ideas as add ons later. Company saved. Their greatest consoles were the snes and nes. Which were basic consoles. Even on next gen , there is very little that's using cameras, so forget it.
    Snes and nes were how many decades ago? Times change, my brother.

    The N64 and gamecube were normal consoles that flopped saleswise. Their only "abnormal" console sold over 100mil along with their abnormal handheld (I remember the questions on the DS and calls for a "normal" sequel to the gameboy).

    Then there is the basic fact that they simply can't compete with the other 2 in sheer console power, yet since they can't sell at a loss like the others, would probably sell such a normal console it a ridiculously high price to survive.

    As for new ideas as add on? Yeah, because historically add ons always work well. Ask Sega.

    Company saved indeed.

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