#10115909, By The-Bodybuilder Fusion - Nintendo's new console (rumour)

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    Sega dies many years before due to haemorrhaging money due to many failed Add Ons to their one successful console. The loss of support didn't happen overnight, but lost due to loss of confidence in Sega, and also in the fact Sega treated 3rd parties as additions to their first party titles. Sounds familiar?

    I agree Nintendo's attitude to 3rd party support is one of their biggest issues, but a "normal" console doesn't fix that (as it didn't with my beloved Dreamcast or Gamecube). That's a company cultural problem that needs to be addressed.

    As for the Wii I? The core premise is fine. If you can't compete with your competitors, you develop a very unique and strong USP. The problem is the Wii AI's tablet is neither unique or very strong as a USP. It is in fact the opposite of that. Couples with their shabby treatment of 3rd parties, high price and you've got a recipe for failure.
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