#9301636, By Visiting Beijing

  • Deleted user 17 January 2013 23:14:07
    Tonka wrote:
    HA, I forgot, you'll be taken out for lunch and dinner until you've got food spurting out of your ears.

    You lucky bastard.

    I was taken out for Szechuan hot pot last night. It was bloody amazing. We spend about three hours having dinner. So much food!

    It's a slightly weird feeling being the ethnic minority. I don't remember having this feeling in Japan, or at least it wasn't as acute. I think people are more likely to stare or comment at me here (and of course being 2m tall means I have no way of blending in to a crowd). Everyone is being very nice, so it's not a bad thing, just weird.

    First day on my own today, having completed my work duties.
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