#9301914, By Visiting Beijing

  • Deleted user 18 January 2013 08:21:48
    It's been a good day. I was a bit overwhelmed when I got to Tiananman square because everyone wanted to talk to me, which I thout was nice til I realised they were trying to get me into tea ceremonies or art shows. I was polite to the first few but then starting ignoring people. So it's possible there were some genuine locals who got ignored by a grumpy giant westerner. Ran the gauntlet of 'tour guides' and 'ticket sellers' to get to Forbidden City. Spent hours there taking photos and exploring - really glad I went. Then went 'round Jingshan park for a bit. Just got back to the hotel for a call with work in the UK, and I'm glad because the smog has suddenly got very thick (I can barely see the other side of the road from my hotel). Gonna take it easy tonight and then go to the art district tomorrow and maybe do some souvenir shopping. Really want to get to the Great Wall, too, which I'll try and arrange for Sunday.

    Szechuan hot pot definitely the highlight, though ;)
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