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    @SClaw The thing with Beijing is (like you said) that you get all the Chinese tourist stumbling about Tienanmen SQ gawking at laowais.

    I was in Zhangjiajie with my wife and in three days I saw ONE other whitey. We even greeted each other. There were plenty of schooltrips in the area and everytime I met a class walking up or down some narrow path they would all say "Hello sir, how are you" or "Nice to meet you" and I would be going "Hello, nice to meet you too. Good thanks, how are you? Nice to meet you too! Nice! Hello to you. Good, great. Lovely! Hello, nice to meet you too." ad infinitum (or so it felt)

    One girl came up to me and asked if we could do some "rambling talking"... I guess she ment random chit chat.

    It's always nice to try out what it feels like to be a celebrity. But it's very nice when it ends. I can see why Megan Fox started believing in Leprechauns.

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