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  • Deleted user 19 January 2013 09:55:15
    SClaw wrote:
    Like having a picture taken with an alien.

    Might be a bit less common these days. This was a good few years ago now, back in the early boom days over there. A completely surreal experience.

    You seen many of the granny brigade about? Old folks with Nazi-like red armbands? That may also have gone out of fashion since my last visit to the mainland.
    Had my picture taken quite a bit. Yesterday I was sat on a bench looking at my map trying to decide what to do next, when I realised a teenage girl had sat next to me so her friend could take a photo of us together. When I noticed, it seemed to encourage them so then I had to pose for more.

    What is with the nazi armband things? Seen a few today.

    Hmm, looks like I won't make it to the great wall. Just one day left, and I don't really have much money, and I really wanted to get to a more remote bit of the wall. I could probably still get on a Badaling trip, but i'm not sure I really want to. There's still more to see in the city...
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