#10147449, By Dangerous_Dan Sochi games: are we right to criticise Russia for non-games related subjects?

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    From the wikipedia -

    Genetic determinism is the belief that genes, along with environmental conditions, determine morphological and behavioral phenotypes. The term is sometimes mistakenly applied to the unscientific belief that genes determine, to the exclusion of environmental influence, how an organism turns out. As CH Waddington wrote in 1957, "It is of course a truism which has long been recognised that the development of any individual is affected both by the hereditary determinants which come into the fertilised egg from the two parents and also by the nature of the environment in which the development takes place."

    There is a lot of references to scientific articles for the scientific version of genetic determinism.
    But let's be reasonable, to me, what this means is. If you are a dolphin then you are born with a certain potential which is then nurtured in the environment in which you are born. In other words, an organism has limitations and adapts to its environment with said limitations.

    Does this sound implausible to you?
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