#10147705, By Dangerous_Dan Sochi games: are we right to criticise Russia for non-games related subjects?

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    LeoliansBro wrote:
    The problem stems, I think, from the fact he doesn't understand what 'determinism' means.

    One of the problems.
    Must be it, Butthurt-Bro.
    Define what genetic determinism is. I've listed to you two versions. A scientific one (as in there are publications about it) and an unscientific one, used by butthurt people. Choose one or make up your own definition instead of yapping on about what 'determinism' means you mediocre bore.
    I explained my position of what I am talking about and I didn't label it determinism - you do. You label what I say as determinism and then tell me that what I am saying is not determinism? Or you are cognitively impaired. Is it because people let you usually get away with that level of retarded argumentation? I think so.

    I didn't expect anything else. I think it's a good thing - I want you to progress.
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