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    nickthegun wrote:
    Thats literally all I want in a phone. Now ive installed cyanogen mod on my S3, its lag free which has sorted one of my major gripes which just leaves the appalling battery life.

    Its got to the point where im afraid to actually use the phone for fear it will run out of juice when I need it, which completely defeats the point of having an all singing, all dancing handset.
    Exactly this.

    Cyanogenmod has completely rejuvenated my S3. Its faster than it has ever been. It actually makes my brain hurt a little when I launch something that previously took ages (dialer for example) to open and it opens almost instantly. My brain had come to expect and anticipate the lag. Now it has almost none.

    I cannot recommend Cyanogenmod enough. I was always reluctant to install it because it was a bit of a process to flash it, root etc, but now their 1 click installer does it in minutes, without any fiddling around.
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