#10213684, By TRUTH Build SFF gaming PC/^Steam Box for 890

  • TRUTH 15 Mar 2014 11:37:03 371 posts
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    Decided to skip PS4/XBO in favor for PC/Steam gaming. I usually buy most new consoles, but have now decided to skip this-now gen and use savings towards building myself the ultimate SFF gaming pc - but need help!

    * Must to use Nividia Gtx 780TI (have been offered one for a good price)
    * Must use Joypads as I hate keyboards for gaming
    * Must connect to internet
    * Must be simple to use like a console
    * For mainly gaming, Netflix, general Media
    * Use SteamBox
    ...generally a pc gaming machine with the simplicity of consoles!

    What components are best, SFF case, and what what I need to get connected online ? My cost is maximum 850

    Thanks and appreciated for all info ��
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