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    Yeah, I'm also getting contrast/washed out problems in some places. Now I know its the game I have to try a remember what settings I originally had my TV set up as, as I messed them up trying to work it out. Also, I notice a few glitches here and there, such as models bouncing around in the odd cut scene for a microsecond, but nothing too distracting.

    Also, be careful when using Restart Encounter. When I was clearing a room flawlessly, I fucked up on the last 3 guys, died and returned to a mini-checkpoint just before the fuck up. Handy. Second time I fucked up again and instead just immediately went to Restart Encounter, which actually brings you allllll the way back to the beginning of the area instead of the mini-checkpoint. >:(

    It took me a while to figure that one out, I assumed the game was glitched. So if you mess up, it's best to just let Joel die.

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