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    Pinky_Floyd wrote:
    Am now up to the university on my PS4 playthrough.  Almost no complaints.  Taking my time more than I did on my PS3 playthrough.  Think am about 11 hours in. 
    I took my time with my first playthrough on Normal [PS3], plenty of exploring meant that playthrough clocked in at something like 24 hours with the quite stingy trophies showing 4% complete.
    This time around I'm playing on Survivor. Having read about how scarce the resources are I was very reluctant to use anything. Going for stealth or resorting to bare hands resulted in quite a number of deaths. Now that I've accepted that it's ok to pull the trigger or shiv something now and again my progress has quickened but my current save indicates 60% complete at a lengthy 19 hours. I'm also going for all the collectibles as well and it's looking like I'm going to hit somewhere in the region of 30 hours. I'm not a fan of long drawn out games but at no point has it felt like a chore and I'm actually quite pleased that I still have plenty more to go.

    It stands up very well to another playthrough on a higher difficulty, although maybe not straight away. Survivor difficulty feels like how it's meant to be played. The design differences between the enemies become more apparent, those shivs that you can stab in everyones necks in normal need to be saved for any clicker encounters.
    You also get to appreciate some of the other details. eg:When leaving Pittsburg through the Toy Shop, Sam gets told to leave a toy behind. From my other playthrough I knew that Ellie gives the toy to him later, so I watched her. She jogged over to the toy and just stood there looking shifty taking a glance over her shoulder at me. I turned my back on her and immediately turned back around to see her just standing up from a crouch position, she runs off and the toy is gone. I love that the game waited until I wasn't looking.
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