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    teamHAM wrote:
    The combat is meaty and.delicious. The weapons feel weighty and I really enjoy trying to get by with lead pipes and bare hands and only rely on my firearms in an emergency.

    But, it's not cool making me leave rounds of ammo behind because I'm "full". Ammo is scarce enough that I should be able to carry as many rounds as I can find.
    In my opinion the ammo limit works well. If I could hold an infinite amount I'd probably just hoard it all and still rely on pipes and bricks but having full capacity encourages me to use a few rounds to make space should I come across any more. It also helps to keep all the encounters tense. If you have a backpack full of ammo you're not going to think twice about firing off a few rounds. Having a limited supply forces you to make some tactical decisions.

    I'm coming up to the end of the game on Survivor and I don't think the game would leave you destitute. In situations where you need ammo or weapons you'll usually find plenty of bricks, enemies carrying pipes or dropping ammo when they die. Ammo drops appear to be more common when you're low. In some of the set pieces your AI partner will also chuck you ammo when you need it.

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