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  • Harpe 2 Mar 2005 13:36:02 84 posts
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    Yesterday morning, woke-up to find that Mrs Harpe's car had been vandalised - specifically some oik had popped the left side wing mirror glass out of the wing mirror. Not just on ours though but every car we could see up and down the road.

    No damage done, just glass removed on a random side of each car.

    Now whether it was done for joke or profit (and yes, i might have found it funny in my youth) it has been the most incredible ball ache to get a replacement part for her p-reg micra and it's cost me 16. On it's own not a huge cost and, you know, people suffer worst due to chav action everyday.

    But while the police wouldn't usally take an interest over such a minor event - the chav(s) in question have actually caused a total 2k worth of theivery - so they're being hunted and I'm hoping a law will come in just before they get caught that means I can remove their left eye as an equivilent punishment.


    /goes back to reading daily mail.
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