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    Just caught up on Sony's conference. Having browsed a few pages on here over the day I knew roughly what to expect.

    I thought Microsoft's was alright, EA's was terrible, and Ubisoft's was good but predictable.

    I was very happy with Sony's overall. Bloodborne could be exactly the sort of game I want, by developers I trust, and I love the gothic fantasy vibe to it. No Man's Sky blew me away and I thought the indie games looked very promising in general. Arkham Knight looked truly next gen graphically.

    Although I was a bit down on Uncharted 4 when it was announced, I can see me being hyped for it by the time it arrives. I also think I'd really enjoy The Order, even if its as linear as it looks and the gameplay isn't very innovative.

    As happy as I am with my XB1 for now, I think I'll have to get a PS4 at the end of this year or early next year.

    Oh, and Nintendo had to go and make me question my not owning of a Wii U again. Damn this world.

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