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    @Flying_Pig Itís definitely worth experiencing, especially if you have it from PS+. Itís pretty much unlike anything else in terms of looks, gameplay Ďfeelí and aesthetics, though is a finicky bastard and no mistake. Itís almost as binary pass/fail wise as something like Dragonís Lair at times, but at others the zippy laser gun battles feel pleasingly dynamic.

    Itís obviously impossible for me to view it without nostalgia goggles, but the almost abstract super low polygon characters and the sense of tone and mystery still pulls me in...before the game gives me a repeated shoeing.

    The checkpointing is better than I remember but still a bit unfriendly and the correct way to proceed often is a bit arbitrary, so if you do give it a whirl Iíd suggest plugging away until you find yourself getting frustrated by a section (this may happen VERY quickly at times), then getting walkthrough assistance.
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