#10460534, By boo Your Top 5 films inspired by Graphic Novels/Comic Books.

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    Hmm. Only 5? Sod that!

    V for Vendetta
    Scott Pilgrim Vs The World
    Kick Ass (1&2)
    The Burton Batmans

    All three X-Men films. None of them are perfect, but each of them have awesome sequences (e.g. the X-Men 2 opening, with Nightcrawler)
    The Avengers
    Both the Fantastic Four films. Yes, they look low budget compared to some of todays epics, but they don't get bogged down in backstory and angst - it's just 90 mins of fun!
    Sin City

    Would love to say Watchmen, but cannot forgive the director for changing the ending. Bastard.
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