#653878, By sheepfish Will people still be playing Bomberman in 100 years?

  • sheepfish 8 Mar 2005 12:32:15 1,168 posts
    Registered 15 years ago
    Yes, yes. That's my point Sam.

    Bomberman couldn't have been invented until all those things you mentioned became ubiquitous. Nevermind 100 years, in 10 years everyone will have LCD screens in their pocket. Who hasn't got a TV anymore? If you say electricity restricts potential play, then I can argue that a lack of oxgen would restrict playing Chess.

    Bomberman will run on the processing power contained in the microchip in a can of beans in 2105. You won't need a copy of the game, or a shop. It'll all be floating about the place in a wireless digital soup. Just like the rules for Chess are floating about in our conscience.
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