#10499514, By bobdebob Zoe Quinn, developer of Depression Quest, caught in a sex scandal with Kotaku journalist and others

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    Glad it's not just me.

    Digitizer hat it pitched at the right level. I miss that pixellated bastard.
    That was the teletext gaming page before Game Central?
    Yeah that one.
    I was annoyed when it got replaced by Game Central, bastards took gaming too seriously and replaced the cheats page.
    Yeah it went downhill faster than this thread once it changed.
    I remember the inbox getting more and more moronic and 'internet-y' by the week, and one letter stuck in my mind.

    Basically the writer of letter said that their child was getting bullied in school and was unhappy, so they took their kid out of school and plonked them in front of some videogames.

    They said their child was much happier, ignoring the main problem and the following week, the inbox was full of comments congratulating the parent and proclaiming the 'power of videogames' or something stupid like that.
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