#653862, By sheepfish So much for secure gated communities...

  • sheepfish 8 Mar 2005 12:23:28 1,168 posts
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    That's right in the middle of Tiger Bay. The name may have gone but all the old residenst still live in the area. They were all cunts before, now they have a load of upmarket developments right on their doorstep. What do you expect?

    Their whole area of town was bulldozed to buld Flats, hotels and wine bars. The regeneration of Cardiff (of which you've waxed lyrically on before) has done nothing for them. In fact, it's driven up prices in their area and driven down wages. Now instead of skilled manufacturing jobs, they have the choice of working in either Asda or Ikea. I don't condone their behaviour, they're cunts. But I'm not surprised by it either.
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