#653887, By sheepfish So much for secure gated communities...

  • sheepfish 8 Mar 2005 12:38:30 1,168 posts
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    if you had a good enough telescope, I could be waving right now and you'd see me. (I'm in Somerset, just to the right of the hill with the little nobble on it, which is just to the right of Weston-Super-Mare as you look across the water.)

    On a slightly related note, that whole area just makes a mockery of the people who say we have the toughest planning laws in Europe. The flats are all souless and disparate, the road system is a mess and overpowering to the local area. There is no local community, local shops or amenities apart from things you can drive to and spend vast amounts of money at.

    But it's always been the same. is their anywhere in Soviet Russia or the hideous Spainish Costas that looks anything like as bad as Penarth?
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