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    Apologies for the rather epic nature of this one, I'll sidle off to the corner if inappropriate...

    So, I'm currently living in an apartment that I own, but co-habiting with my girlfriend. We're keen to move into a new place with more room, and I'm totally happy to get a mortgage with her and go down the middle, etc. I have around 37000 in equity tied up in this place. To set the background!

    The problem is... she purchased a house back in 2007 with her then-bloke, which quickly went tits up when she found out he was a *bit* of an alcoholic. Needless to say it didn't last long, he stopped paying the mortgage, they defaulted and it got messy. She tried to sell and close he debt, he wouldn't sign, the bank repossessed and sold it for pennies, and they ended up with 60k in debt still to pay.

    Now, she stayed in contact with the bank afterwards regarding the debt. She was basically broke so negotiated a deal to pay stuff back monthly, but they then said they were going to chase up her bloke and call her back in "four weeks" time. That was in 2009. Nothing heard from them since, no payments taken, nothing.

    Checking her credit record now, the account for that money states that it was 'satisfied' in August of 2009, and her rating is fine for getting a mortgage, etc.

    However, I'm ever-so-slightly concerned that it'll bite us in the ass in a couple of years and they'll chase her up for masses of cash. If she goes to them and they re-open the case though, that'll probably bone us on the mortgage. Hmmmm.

    Question is, can they chase her up for the money now? And if they did, would they be able to do anything about the equity in the new house? Or is that not possible? Just trying to figure out the best course of action :(
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