#12286824, By XtraCheese What Are You Currently Playing? (V 3.0; The Re-Postening)

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    I have a back log the size of Danny dyers left bollock at the moment. In terms of PS4 titles I donít know where to begin as the Switch is dominating my game time and taking me on a journey through the golden ages of handheld gaming.

    On rotation at the moment - Bad North / Stardew Valley / Hollow Knight

    Went on gta online for shits and giggles and itís a complete and utter mind fuck, constant notifications of new tat in the game. Itís full of the lowest common denominator gaming plebs too. Constantly getting ganked
    by twerps who have spent all their pocket money on flying cars and weaponry. Waiting times in lobbies make it a chore too. Hope red dead online perks things up as I
    enjoyed the online in the first one from what I remember. But how long before you can spend 20 quid to strap a jet pack or something weird on to your horse?

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