#12345733, By Rodney What Are You Currently Playing? (V 3.0; The Re-Postening)

  • Rodney 30 Nov 2018 22:54:59 3,677 posts
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    Red Redemption (bc / 4k on Xbox X)

    Once you get back into its groove, and it is an admittedly slower paced game, it holds up really well.

    In some places it's it's low poly count shows, but some of the scenery and lighting is still absolutely stunning, and I often found myself panning around slowly to admire the view.

    The shooting still has a nice meaty feel, and the animation for the most part is still impressive. Shooting people off horses rarely gets old.

    There are maybe a few too many long horse rides half way across the map required in the missions.

    Tempted to pick up the second (of third if you are one of thise people) over Christmas, but wonder whether I should take more of a break in between
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