#12392609, By Gunzberg What Are You Currently Playing? (V 3.0; The Re-Postening)

  • Gunzberg 23 Feb 2019 10:54:41 2,683 posts
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    @MouthOfSauron Now reached Chapter 4 with Saint-Denis.

    I am really tired of spending hours on this every night with no progress seemingly achieved. Going to just do all main missions now and deal with all the side content later.

    Going down the leafy entranceway with the posse to burn down the Braithwaite Manor was so far the only highlight of the game. That had an atmosphere.

    Also, why does the game allow me to sell individual cigarette cards but then remove them from my "picked up list". Now I need to go around picking them all up again to complete the damn side quest. Or in Saint-Denis, there is one card on a table in garden in a house. You go in, you get $15 trespassing bounty. So I run out but then 4 cops show up and shoot me down. Dead. Lost cash. Frustration. Nothing is ever simple or player friendly in this game.

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