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    The Good:
    - The acting by Will Smith, Margot Robbie, Joel Kinnaman.
    - A few of the jokes/banter between characters.
    - The Joker, although not as good as Heath's obviously.
    - Deadshot and his daughter was nice character building although came on a bit too strong at the end.

    The bad:
    - Bad and obviously choppy editing.
    - The fact the situation went from the monster attacking the city to the city being deserted happened in about two minutes. Should have shown more city destruction/people fleeing.
    - Useless character Slipknot, so pointless he didn't get a backstory at the start and got killed minutes into the mission. I guess it was to make the characters believe the bombs in their necks were real but still came across silly to me.
    - Boomerang man being pointless combat wise, only seemed like he was there for the bantz.
    - Katana girl hamming the place up with her yelling in Japanese and stupid-looking mask. So cheesy, could have been done a more subtle way.
    - Cara Delivine's weird dancing around at the end as Enchantress and bad acting.
    - Action scenes that weren't that exciting, fighting zombie blackberrys.
    - Second half of the film being samey and uninteresting, lots of dark looking buildings, streets and locations with not much variety in them, or in the action scenes.
    - Still have no clue what happened with the underwater scene right at the end of the film, why were the soldiers attacking the crocodile guy? I had no clue what was going on.

    The Verdict:

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