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    Shadow of the Tomb Raider 9/10 in 4K on XB1X

    Beautiful, best modern TR yet, the first had the crappy Yamatai story, the second I do not even remember the story apart from dull Siberia landscapes BUT THIS oh boy, stunning, enchanting, nuanced, delightful, a joy to play and traverse, great tombs, fantastic pacing, lovely mysteries and a fabulous setting.

    97% completion, main story done, going to wrap up the last 3% but have been playing it nonstop for the past 3 days and WHAT A JOURNEY.

    I cannot believe this got dissed by the press and other users. Shame on all of them!

    Best game I have played so far in 2019, I know it is early days yet but I loved this and honestly thought the other 2 TRs were more lala. I believe bringing in a new, associate studio made a huge difference. Recommended, go immerse yourself into this.

    And yeah both of the jump scares fucking got me good. Also isn#t that Blue Heron Dress stunning ?
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