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    Halo Reach

    The first Halo game I've played since Halo CE (not a big FPS player). I started on Heroic since the game told me that's how it's meant to be played, and surprised myself by finishing the campaign and enjoying it pretty much the whole way. Some great set pieces, and although I'm not the most skilful player I enjoyed figuring out the best approach for each combat scenario. Dabbled in multiplayer but it's really not for me.


    Red Dead Redemption

    Despite all the hype for this game I was a bit sceptical going in. I thought I was tired of the GTA formula, but the improved setting, checkpointing and combat/health system made it for me. Just riding about getting lost in the environment, or killing time with challenges or minigames, kept me amused in a way that GTA never did.

    Some of the missions were brilliant but overall they still felt too strict - in a game that encourages you to roam free it's frustrating to fail missions because you stray too far from your friend for example.

    I suppose there was some padding in the story, but I was in no hurry for it to end anyway. I do think in future they should look at creating more cohesive "bite size" stories like TLAD or Gay Tony but this was an epic in every sense - by the end I had that cathartic feeling you get at the end of a great epic book or movie, and that's pretty rare in a game.

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