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    Enslaved (xbox360)

    ++ facial animations, voice acting
    ++ outdoors scenery
    + dialogs
    + mech design
    + colors (except for parts of the industrial section)

    . story (a tad simplistic and cliched, but acceptable overall)

    - walking animations (floating characters)
    - texture pop-up
    -- responsiveness of the controls (a few timed jumps were very frustrating)
    -- directional stick and camera orientation (again: a few timed jumps were very frustrating!)

    Overall: highly frustrated by several sections that I had to repeat countless times (see above) I completed the game mainly because I wanted to see how the story would develop.
    Great acting work, more games should be like this. Once gameplay is refined, the developer will certainly leave an even more significant mark in the entertainment industry.


    edit: fixed a typo
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