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    Alan Wake

    + Utterly Stunning Visuals, easily one of the prettiest games ever IMO
    + Great Soundtrack
    + Brilliant Atmosphere
    + Brilliant Storytelling
    + Enjoyable Combat

    - Crap Jumping
    - Story could have been quite a bit better
    - Tweed Jacket with Hoodie, seriously?
    - Not enough daytime

    I really, really enjoyed this despite the flaws, pity it couldn't keep up the standard of the first two chapters, a better story and more variety in the gameplay would have been incredible.


    A divisive game, but I loved it. A word to the wise; Avoid the DLC.

    It's shite, and does not advance the story.

    PS I'm wearing a tweed jacket and hoodie today, so sook ma baws.


    I'm halfway through "The Signal" but it appears to have crashed, stuck in a loading screen - will be jettisoned, I wasn't enjoying it much.

    If you enjoyed the main game I'd say definitely get the last DLC pack as it offers a twist to the gameplay and environments, I liked it quite a bit. I'd disagree with it not advancing the story too. It isn't a true ending or anything but does continue the story on after the main game. They're more about tying up a few of the loose ends, explaining some of the WTF? bits about the ending and providing a resolution to the character for the time being.
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