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    AC Brotherhood

    + recruiting your own assassins. I hope they take this further in future games
    + setting and score
    + plethora of fun side missions, many of which I enjoyed more than the main missions
    + interesting and sarky historical database entries (not sure how much is true though!)

    - combat is still a bit daft (but can often be avoided now)
    - some of the missions are a bit fussy, and will fail you if you don't do exactly as instructed
    - overuse of visual "glitches" to remind you it's not real
    - lack of a paper user manual. I like having something to refer back to when the TV is off.

    Multiplayer could be good, but the games I tried everyone just seemed to be stuffing about trying to get achievements. Overall not a huge leap over AC2, but then AC2 was my favourite game of last year.

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