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    Greed Corp (XBLA)

    The 3 stages of Greed Corp:

    1. "What's going on?" The tutorial is useless, and you only get 60 seconds per turn, so you don't have time to think over what you're supposed to do. I failed the second campaign mission 4 or 5 times and was about to give up when...

    2. "Ah, this is pretty cool." Once you get the hang of using harvesters as weapons, and realise you're supposed to consume most of your land for resources, it starts making sense. Because you're destroying territory to finance your war, games are almost always close fought and come down to a few key pieces of land.

    3. "Shame about the AI." The rules are fairly simple, and the maps are usually symmetrical, so victory in the later campaign often comes down to exploiting flaws or deliberate "mistakes" by the AI. There is multiplayer but no-one to play against.

    Still, overall I enjoyed my time with it, so 7/10.
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