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    I was put off this by the bewildering demo but decided to pick it up based on word of mouth. Holy shit am I glad I did!

    It's the most intensely exciting game I've played since Mirror's Edge. Actually it has a fair bit in common with ME, being a short game you can play over and over, and that rewards you for learning how to play it well. Even the colour palette is similar.

    There's a bit of a learning curve at the start, but once you're over that, it's on! I am in no way a score-motivated person nor am I all that skilful, but the moment to moment adrenaline rush is so good that I've already played it through twice and am thinking about another run.

    I also like how everything in the game is so economical. There's only a small number of weapons, but each is distinctly different and useful. There's just enough different enemy types to force you to change your tactics, and again each one is meaningfully different. The "story" is compressed into the shortest possible time, doing enough to get you pumped without lingering on anything.

    So many great moments - I could go on but I guess I'll leave it at 9/10 - only because the final boss is a ball ache
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