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    Put this on my Lovefilm rental list on a whim one day after not being able to find anything else I could think of instead (I was feeling very uninspired). Was almost surprised when it eventually popped through the letter box.

    First impressions were very good. It looks the part, gritty, industrial and horrific and the controls were solid in a typically sluggish survival horror type fashion. Some nice design ideas too with puzzles and minute to minute gameplay.

    Eventually the game falls down a little. Combat is random and frustrating, normally ending up in both opponents just flailing at each other desperately (perhaps fitting but still not all that much fun). Far too many instant death traps too. Again, in fairness to the game this is faithful to the source material, however, it doesn't make for a great game. Spending the majority of your time looking at the floor so you don't trip over wires and blow your own head off doesn't make for interesting gameplay.

    Some of the time limits it constrains the player with are cruel too, if you don't like timers in games, don't buy this one! Every major set piece and most of the numerous puzzles are time sensitive.

    Overall though this is a rather good game. Looks nice (if drab and samey after a while), faithful to the movies (perhaps to its detriment at times) and with some simple, if interesting puzzles.


    ...Oh, all you achievement hunters out there, this one is piss easy. I got all 1000 without really trying.
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