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    gotyourmoney wrote:
    Before Human Revolution came out I hadn't played a game for months and months. HR gets a not-terrible 6 from me.

    Loses points on poor graphics, poor performance, too few hub worlds, terrible AI, not enough side quests, mediocre story, terrible bosses, terrible AI, very 'flat' aug trees, lots of useless augs, terrible AI, too much XP/Praxis (Or alternatively, never any trade-offs in your build), terrible AI, hideous pre-rendered cut-scenes, stupid energy system, terrible AI, terrible AI, and terrible AI.

    Also, the AI was hilariously, amazingly, almost unbelievably terrible.

    If there was one thing I could change about the game, I would have included robot zombie pirate samurai midgets. If there were two things I could change about the game, it would be that and better AI.

    I should point out that any aspects I haven't mentioned thus far were generally at least average if not above average.

    Is this a real post or are you being sarcastic? ^.^
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