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    Arcania Gothic 4 (360):

    Just finished this. Was playing on Gothic difficulty so it took me a huge 30 hours to complete. Rather annoyingly I got well passed around two thirds of the way to level 29 as I finished the game but can't be bothered to go back into it to get the level 30 achievement.

    Technically this is the worst game I've played on the 360. The framerate is simply appalling, it's full of sound and general game bugs and the AI is atrocious. EVERY enemy will stop chasing you if you run backwards enough...they will then retreat to their 'patrol' points, becoming invincible and impossible to interrupt during their return journey.

    Saying all that, I had a lot of fun with it. The main character is hilarious, he's such a dick but entertainingly so. I loved how much he hates everyone and constantly belittles the tasks he's being given. Gameplay is decent too. They made a good stab at creating fun combat, satisfying RPG combat. It's easy to understand but enjoyable to play.

    I could never recommend anyone plays this before seeing the demo however. Definitely not a title for anyone who's easily upset by technical failings.

    So, so difficult to give this a score. It's a mess, but it's just a nice, easy, rut to fall back into. Classic western RPG, if not an especially great one.

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