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    Modern Warfare 2 (I know, I'm a bit behind).

    I played Bad Company 2 at the same time, and while the plots are confusingly similar, BC2 made a teeny bit more sense, and had a much better ending.
    MW2s ending was probably the most disappointing since I spent a whole weekend trying to complete Fantasia on the Megadrive.

    I had no idea who the characters were, which made it hard to feel sad when they inevitably got killed off.

    It wasn't much fun to play either. The vehicle sections were irritating. I died about 10 times trying to complete the final boat bit, because the water effects made it impossible to see where I was going.

    The most fun was when it was a room-to-room corridor shooter. But the fact that the enemies always spawned in the same places, and always did the same things just made it a bit of a chore to play rather than actually being fun.

    It always tells you where to go, and doesn't want to let you figure anyhting out for yourself. The last bit where you had to press left mouse, right mouse, just seemed ridiculous, and spoilt any drama that had been built up.


    Hoping that MW3 is a bit better.
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