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    Gears of War 3

    I played the campaign once in coop. Not remotely interested in multiplayer. For me it's easily the weakest of the trilogy.

    It's largely devoid of ideas. After two hugely successful games the devs presumably had a very large pot of money to make this, yet environments include; dockyards, warehouses, mansions...and collecting beef jerky (or whatever) from a supermarket?! In gung-ho marine scifi games I want to be fighting inside giant worms, not the poulty section of a Tesco.

    Also on the subject on environments, they just look far too staged. "Oh look, regimented rows of carefully placed sandbags and crates, I wonder what's going to happen here". Again, devoid of ideas, this time for cover items.

    As coomber states, the difficulty balancing is off. Normal mode is far too easy, presumably due to having 3 team-mates at any one time. I only remember having to restart once in the entire game.

    We couldn't work out how to play coop without Arcade Mode, so every 10 minutes we were treated to the utterly immersion breaking sight of a scorecard, not to mention big ugly hud elements for scores and multipliers throughout the entire game. WTF?

    Cutscenes. Jesus, they probably had more people working on elaborate mocapped cutscenes than on the gameplay.

    Half the cutscenes are of the posse opening fucking doors. I get it that loading points are need, but for God's sake team handle it more elegantly than umpteen cutscenes showing a door opening.

    And also on the subject of doors, the uber weapons are positioned in terrible places. I lost count of the number of times we picked up something like a Mulcher from a downed enemy, only to then have to open a door which automatically discards uber weapons. Incredibly annoying. "Dammit we've come to another pesky door, lads, we'll have to drop our Mulchers and Mortars". Good grief.

    Back in the post to Lovefilm. Glad I didn't buy this one. I've played through 1 & 2 a few times, but 3 just seemed "will this do?" phoned-in.

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