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    dancingrob wrote:
    Red Dead Redemption (360)

    As usual, I'm about 18 months behind, and I've now finished the main game (the final stranger mission and credits await)

    + excellent (if not original) storytelling. It's basically a compendium of western greatest hits, with just about every cliche thrown in. However, it does form a cohesive whole.

    + decent characterisation, you feel for Marston during the story, and other characters such as Bonnie and Landon Ricketts are also memorable. As most have said Mexico was weaker on this front, but it was much better than I'd been lead to expect

    + variety of missions. I was expecting most mission to be variations on 'ride horse to point X, shoot everyone, go home', but things were mixed up very nicely, particularly during the final endgame sections, where the decision to leave the shooting behind was inspired (and fairly brave, given the market)

    + length. One of very few games that lasted 25-30 hours without filler. Whilst the Di Santa / Reyes cutscenes weren't great, the missions were interesting, and Mexico was the most visually attractive part of the game.

    + graphically excellent & arguably the best voice acting in games so far.

    - some technical flaws, the odd bit of slowdown & popup, particularly in Tall Trees. One mission failing to start properly.

    - minigames were variable. I loved poker & liar's dice, didn't really enjoy the rest

    - Multiplayer (from a limited go) doesn't seem too much fun, with far too many people just running around shooting newly spawned low level characters. Will have to try friendly mode to see if this solves the problem

    All in all, certainly in my top 5 games this gen.

    I'd go along with most of that. Some of the Mexico missions were the best in the game imo, although the story didn't progress much. I'd also say Marston is the best videogame character and best voice acted I've seen in a game. His interactions with Bonnie are so well written that you actually care for the characters, something that hasn't happened to me before in a videogame.
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