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    Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow

    Started playing this game without expecting too much. I'd heard good things about it, bought it a few years ago but was discouraged from playing it because of how difficult it was supposed to be and because games like Castlevania don't really appeal to me. Having just finished all Christmas assignments for college however, I was left feeling bored and decided to drag out my DS and some old games. I chanced Castlevania and up until completing it today, I'd been playing it non-stop since.

    I adored this game. It looks great, the action game play is fantastic (rarely feels repetitive) and I loved the RPG elements, which have the effect of balancing the difficulty of the game. The story was interesting, I suppose, but there is a serious lack of character and plot development. The story just seems like an afterthought, which is disappointing because it had good potential. 8/10

    I like Dawn of Sorrow so much, I went out and bought Portrait or Ruin which I've just started and which seems very promising so far.

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