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  • Roarster 31 Mar 2012 15:35:31 152 posts
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    Homefront (PC)

    Decent, but probably not worth the 4 hours it took to complete it. The premise should be the set-up for some interesting action survival gameplay but instead it straps you straight into a standard CoD-like roller coaster.

    It's probably the most linear game I've ever played as well with absolutely no choice in how to deal with any of the fire fights. It doesn't help that most of the game is spent waiting for the annoying NPCs to open a door or climb a ladder so you can follow them.

    On the positive side, some of the set pieces are decent and it manages to pass without any annoying difficulty spikes.

    Never bothered with the multiplayer but I expect it's dead anyway.

    5/10 Not terrible but there's better ways to spend your 4 hours.
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