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    andywilkie35 wrote:
    Jak II: Renegade (PS3)

    Played the original on PS2 many moons ago and my first replay since then, with the new shiny shiny graphics.

    Looks absolutely astounding, like God of War and MGS3, could have potentially been released as a PS3 launch game (if timing had matched up obviously), they look that good.

    Gameplay is varied and when it works, it is great fun. A few too many niggles though to say it was flawless. Also, it's by far the hardest "platformer" I have played and reminded me why I gave up on it a couple of times years ago before finally finishing. And when I say hard, I mean mostly because the game is deliberately, obtusely and unfairly difficult, not in a Demon's Souls way but in a "poor design" way.

    Checkpointing is the worst I have come across in any game, after throwing three difficult sections (that are only difficult because of the controls), being stingy with health and then sending you back to the beginning of the level to try again? Poor.

    Fortunately the game is packed with charm (even though it went the classic "dark" route) and like I said, for the most part it is loads of fun and I am glad I played it again regardless of the above issues. A shame as it slightly tarnished my memories of the game, although on reflection maybe more of a reminder of previous frustrations I had otherwise forgotten about.

    Will take an extended break before Jak 3!

    I also finished this recently and feel very similarly about it.

    The checkpointing is almost non-existant, which when coupled with the relatively high difficulty, makes the game quite frustrating and tiresome at times.

    Having finished it I almost immediately started Jak 3, which is thankfully a LOT better, so far.
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