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    Max Payne 3 - PC

    It looks incredible. Each location has its own character and is nicely detailed. The post-processing effects of screen blur/over saturation thing is cool and I think works at what it is aiming to do.

    The gameplay has changed for the worse. They have introduced a cover mechanic which could have worked if they had not put so much emphasis on it. Rather than running around in slow motion, diving down stairs and whatnot, your hiding waist high walls and using your bullet time to pop out at the right instant to line up a shot on a bad guy. It feels like a hybrid between Max Payne and GTAIV, both of which I enjoyed the gunplay of but it doesn't work for me here in this state.

    The difficulty seems to have increased as well. You are quickly shot to bits when you come out of cover, meaning you stick to using the disappointing cover system. I found myself getting frustrated at times as it seems they just didn't quite know what they were doing with this game - they've made changes but just haven't gone far enough with them to make it work.

    The cutscenes.... well... just too much. Unskippable on the whole and too many that were far too long.

    If you came to this having not played any of the series before then I would recommend it for what it is, a good looking cover based shooter with slow motion mechanics. Anyone who played the others... Well, I spent hours replaying sequences in Max Payne 2 trying to clear rooms in as fast a time possible, taking out every enemy before the first one hits the floor etc. I won't be going back to Max Payne 3.

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