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    First of all, hello to all Eurogamer's, I just discovered this platform and am very much pleased to have found it.

    Second, to the matter at hand. Over the last couple of years I barely found the time to touch any game so with almost two months of free time at hand I realized that Steam was doing their Summer Sale and so I grabbed all the goodies I could get (and afford ;).

    1. Deus Ex: Human Revolution 9/10

    As a teenager I loved the first Deus Ex game with its phenomenal cyberpunk scenario and revolutionary freedom of choice, decisions that really mattered. However that was a long time ago and as a PC only gamer I didn't really know what to expect of Square Enix. Sure I heard of Final Fantasy beforehand but I never played any game of the franchise and I certainly didn't know how they would handle the old Eidos franchises. As it turned out they did a great job with the game. I really enjoyed almost 30 hours of an excellent single player experience and though some details like the graphics and the way the end of the storyline was presented weren't a 100% to my satisfaction I still think it is overall a great game. Especially the freedom of choice! The various ways to approach dialogues and how you complete the missions and levels were so neatly implemented and how I loved it to get the Ghost and Smooth Operator bonuses! Equally good was the Character development while the choice of weapons and some of their mechanics seemed a bit lacking. In terms of the engine I felt that the multi platform development was clearly visible but it wasn't bad just not state of the art for a PC player. The soundtrack on the other hand was excellent, not to forget the high quality of the voice acting. A major factor to make the storyline more convincing and deeper. In general the Deus Ex: Human Revolution really got me more with the cyberpunk atmosphere than with the moral choices at the end of the game but that may be just my point of view.

    It really is more a 8,5 than a 9 but I won't argue over details. ;)

    Furthermore I'm not only excited to see more of this particular franchise, but also of Square Enix's original work (Sleeping Dog) and especially how well the other former Eidos franchises like Hitman and Thief4 (hopefully) are going to be continued.

    2. Max Payne 3: 6/10

    Perhaps you can see a little pattern already because I was simply in love with this dark, dirty Noire tragedy called Max Payne 2. Different from the Deus Ex franchise I wasn't really that eager to play the third part, well that's not exactly true. Let's just say I was skeptical. I just couldn't imagine where the developers could go from the point the 2nd part ended.
    Without going to deep into details I just didn't like the overall South-American setting in combination with Max Payne as a character, I found the tons of scripts annoying and after 2 hours I really understood why all that shit happens to Max. Every 2 minutes he let's the player know what a smartass he really is. The storyline, one of the strong points of the 2nd part basically circles around the depths of Max's self-loathing, self-destruction and inability to protect the women around him but it isn't really all that interesting or even absorbing. The strong suit of the game is certainly the bullettime action combined with a smooth gameplay and a wide variation of killing scenarios and explosions but no revolutions are found here either. So even though I enjoyed the 7 hours of the single player mode I leave the third part with an unsettling feeling. What's next I wonder, will Rockstar send Max Payne around the globe in an empty search for meaning until the franchise name is squeezed out? I don't know. I hope not. I can't imagine myself playing a game of the franchise again.

    The Witcher 2: Enhanced Edition 9/10

    So to conclude this little series here we have the third case of a follow-up game where I really enjoyed the previous game. I'm quite fond of the character of Geral of Rivia (read two of the books which are out there) and the RPG genre so I always wanted to play the second game but there was just no time. To make a long story short: the game is amazing!

    The characters are deep, clever, fit the setting perfectly and look just gergeous. In general the graphics are topnotch. The gameplay is simple but smooth, very comprehensive and it feels just satisfactory how Geralt slays his way through hordes of monsters. The very good soundtrack plays a part in that, too. The character development was fine but there was nothing remarkable about it. The itemization however and especially the placing of new stronger items wasn't satisfactory. Too many items could be found at the end of the game while for the most part of Act I&II there were only few available choices. Then there is a matter I already talked about in my Deus EX review, I like making decisions that actually influence the game environment. The Witcher 2 delivers the ultimate experience with its two completely different but equally good second Act's. This is being followed up by the tough choices Geralt is being forced to make in the third Act. Though the end was a little abrupt I loved every bit of it. The boss designs had its ups and downs. The scene I enjoyed most was certainly this epic boss battle against that river octopus at the end of Act I. I felt a slight disappointment when the other boss battles couldn't deliver the same quality but I guess you can't have it all.

    I really enjoyed the game and am eager to see more of the Witcher in part 3.

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